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The Importance of Accredited Protein Supplement Testing Methods for Accurate Product Analysis

Accredited Protein Supplement Testing Methods

With the growing popularity of protein supplements in the health and fitness industry, the need for accurate product analysis has become more crucial than ever. For protein supplement brands, ensuring their products meet the necessary protein content requirements is essential. However, with a lack of standardized testing methods, it can be difficult to determine accurate protein content claims. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of accredited protein supplement testing methods and their impact on product analysis.

The industry standards for protein testing and verification have been the Dumas or Kjeldahl methods, which determine total nitrogen content, but not necessarily protein content. As a result, any nitrogen-containing compound could be used to increase the total nitrogen content without adding any actual protein. This is why accredited protein supplement testing methods are so important. These types of tests are accredited to ISO 17025, a globally recognized standard relating to laboratories and test procedures. LGC has held accreditation since 2003 and conducts extensive validation analysis to assess matrix and analysis performance.

Achieving ISO accreditation requires a thorough evaluation of matrix and analysis performance. This ensures that the protein supplement testing method used is not only accurate but also meets the necessary standards for reliable results. These tests provide consumers with confidence in the product, knowing that it contains what is listed on the label. It also allows brands to stand out in a crowded market by offering a quality product that can be trusted.

What is Informed Protein Informational Guide

Informed Protein employs a robust approach to lab-tested protein to evaluate the protein content in products. This is done by verifying the amount of total protein by assessing the nitrogen content and screening for non-protein nitrogen constituents that could result in misleading protein claims. This ensures that protein supplement brands are offering a product that contains the protein content listed on the label and helps prevent potentially misleading or false claims.

Accredited protein supplement testing methods are an essential aspect of product analysis, providing consumers with confidence in the product they are purchasing. Brands that invest in accredited testing methods can differentiate themselves in a crowded market by offering quality and reliable products that consumers can trust. The use of robust protein supplement testing methods, such as those employed by Informed Protein, ensures that protein content claims are accurate, preventing misleading or false claims. In an industry where quality and trust are paramount, accredited protein supplement testing methods are the gold standard for reliable product analysis.