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Protein Supplements Survey

Protein Supplements Survey

Protein supplements are the most popular form of sports nutrition supplements used by athletes, bodybuilders, and those living an active lifestyle. The protein industry is currently valued at over $22 billion, with expectations to nearly double by 2030. With the increased interest, the Informed Protein team conducted a survey analyzing the protein content within protein supplement products in the US. 

In this study, the objective was not an evaluation of contamination, but the assessment of protein content and label claims. With broad use, increased demand, and a growing industry, Informed Protein set out to evaluate the accuracy of protein label claims across a variety of protein supplement products available for purchase in the US.

A variety of protein sources were included in the survey: casein, egg, milk, pea, soy, and whey. Findings showed 25% of products that were found to contain less than 98% of the protein claimed on the product label. 

Download your free copy of the Protein Supplements Survey for more results and details on Informed Protein testing.