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Building Trust in Protein Verification

Informed Protein. Analyzed, verified, certified.

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Taking protein testing & verification to the next level


How can my products become Informed Protein certified?


 Get   the   measure. 


Providing assurance on how much protein is in a product is critical to giving athletes and consumers the confidence they need to select a nutrition product. 

Globally recognized as a leader in the field of dietary supplement certification programs, we've used our experience and scientific expertise to develop a protein supplement testing and certification program specifically for protein-based supplements. Using a combination of both test procedures and manufacturer assessment, Informed Protein provides athletes and consumers alike with the assurance that product label claims have been verified independently - thereby providing confidence that the amount of protein within a product matches what's listed on the label. 

We also consider the risk of adulteration or cross-contamination at manufacturing facilities by incorporating a check on the free amino acid content, a targeted screen for common adulterants and facility audits that provide oversight of manufacturer quality processes.

Because when it comes to protein supplements, our science ensures it matches expectations.