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The Benefits of Informed Protein Certification

The Benefits of Informed Protein Certification

When it comes to selecting protein-based nutrition products, athletes and consumers are looking for assurance that the product labeled matches what's inside the package. This is where the importance of informed protein certification comes into play. In this blog post, we'll delve into the significance of informed protein certification, how it works, and the multiple benefits it provides to protein supplement brands. 

Globally recognized as a leader in dietary supplement certification programs, Informed Protein has developed a third-party protein supplement testing and certification program to provide consumers with the assurance that what is listed on the label is verified independently. Using a combination of protein supplement test procedures and manufacturer assessment, Informed Protein verifies the amount of protein within a product using independent testing and auditing.

One of the most significant benefits of Informed Protein certification is that it provides consumers with confidence. With the assurance that a product has been independently tested for its protein content and other adulterants, a consumer can trust the product, ultimately building consumer loyalty and trust. This confidence is a key driver for protein supplement brands looking to differentiate their products and establish them in the competitive sports nutrition market.

The Informed Protein certification program also considers the risk of adulteration and cross-contamination in manufacturing facilities. Incorporating a check on the free amino acid content, a targeted screen for common adulterants, and facility audits that provide oversight of manufacturer quality processes, the program helps brands identify and manage any potential risks associated with their product.

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The process for Informed Protein certification is rigorous. All protein supplement samples undergo four separate steps of testing and analysis, which includes testing at protein testing labs for total protein, total carbon, free amino acids, and a range of nitrogen-rich adulterants. All samples must meet the protein label claim requirement of 100%. This rigorous process ensures that a certified protein brand is credible and trustworthy.

Informed Protein certification is an essential factor for consumer confidence when selecting protein-based nutrition products. Its benefits of independent testing, quality control, and brand differentiation make it a critical must-have for protein supplement brands. At the same time, it provides a valuable tool for consumers to make informed decisions about the products they consume and trust. As the sports nutrition market continues to grow and expand, the value of informed protein certification becomes even more significant.