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What is Informed Protein?

Informed Protein is a global quality assurance program developed to verify the amount of protein within protein supplement products.

Informed Protein was established by LGC and is setting the standard for protein verification. Joining the INFORMED family of quality assurance programs, the world's leading supplement brands use certification to offer the highest levels of confidence and support to athletes and consumers. 

Products carrying the Informed Protein logo have been regularly tested to verify the amount of protein listed on the packaging. Using ISO 17025 accredited methods, certified products are also tested to verify that free amino acids and/or nitrogen-rich adulterants are not falsely elevating protein label claims. In addition, manufacturing processes must meet strict quality control standards, as defined by our Manufacturing Assessment Questionnaire.  

Certification by Informed Protein is a mark of assurance for athletes, nutritionists, coaches, and everyday active users that the amount of protein they're paying for, or recommending, is actually in the product. Certification demonstrates a commitment to quality and transparency to consumers. 

Is LGC an accredited laboratory? 

LGC/s supplement testing laboratories hold ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, a globally recognized standard to laboratories and test procedures. LGC hold accreditation for a broad range of analytical testing, including the analysis of nutritional supplements for banned substances and protein analysis (Protein analysis performed in LGC's Lexington laboratory).

LGC's supplement testing laboratories are frequently audited by A2LA (the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation - LGC certificate no. 3244.01) and UKAS (the United Kingdom Accreditation Service). During inspections, analytical methodology and validation data are independently assessed by a third-party auditor/expert, providing confidence to brands and consumers alike that methodology and analytical procedures meet some of the most stringent certification standards possible. 

Why is ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation important? 

ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation is critical for any laboratory, in that it shows that test procedures have been independently assessed/evaluated objectively by third-party industry experts. LGC's laboratories have held ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation since 2003. 

Independent audits ensure that test methodology and validation data are "fit for purpose" for each individual test. 

What are the important things to look for within a testing and certification program? 
  1. Test methods should be accredited to ISO/IEC 17025; an international standard for test laboratories.
  2. Test methodology should be validated for all common product formulations e.g. powders, liquids, bars, etc.) with matrix types being listed on the laboratories scope of accreditation. 
  3. A thorough audit of manufacturing and supply chain quality systems should be performed, to ensure that products are manufactured to strict quality standards.
  4. The program is committed to education and training. 
Why is protein verification important?

Protein verification is important as it confirms the amount of protein claimed on the label matches the content in the container. Protein is one of the most important macro ingredients for muscle repair, muscle recovery after training, weight management and general health and wellness. Knowing that the brands certified in the Informed Protein program undergo rigorous third-party testing and manufacturing assessment provides assurance that you are getting exactly what you are paying for at the highest quality standard. 

What types of products does Informed Protein test?

Currently, Informed Protein certifies protein powders and liquids such as protein drinks and meal replacement shakes. 

If a product is made in a GMP facility, does this guarantee the product meets label claim?

No. Although GMP is critical to maintaining strict quality control procedures, it does not guarantee that the product meets 100% label claim.

How are the products submitted for testing? How can I be sure the products sold at retail meet label claim?

Products certified with Informed Protein are purchased every month at retail by LGC and are tested using ISO 17025 accredited methodology, thereby committing to an independent and rigorous monitoring program.

Does Informed Protein test for the type of protein in the product?

No. Informed Protein primarily focuses on the verification of product label claims (i.e., the amount of declared protein within a product). A series of test procedures are performed to evaluate both protein content and product adulteration e.g. 'Amino Spiking'. 

As well as product testing, a comprehensive review of each product formulation is performed at the product certification stage. 

The above measures provide confidence to consumers and athletes alike that protein levels within each certified product meet label content claims. 

Does Informed Protein certified mean it is Informed Sport and/or Informed Choice certified too?
No, Informed Protein is a stand-alone program testing for protein content and adulterants. Informed Sport and Informed Choice test products specifically for banned substances. Brands may be certified in both programs, but you should always confirm by visiting the INFORMED website to ensure the products carrying these marks are certified under each specific program.